Social Media Fast!

So last week, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have noticed I went MIA. That’s because I decided to see what my life would be like with out social media. A one week social media fast.

Honestly it was a bit stressful since I use Facebook to run my business, but it was also peace to my mind. There was no advertisements, making me think I NEEDED stuff, I really don’t need. There was no politics. There was no debates and opinions. There was just me,living life with my family and close friends, without unnecessary drama (for the most part).

The one thing that hit me the hardest, was how much time I had! I had time to get my house clean, and read, and relax! I even shampooed my living room rug! My kids are growing up so fast and I realized that I don’t have the time to enjoy them as much as I should, because I get sucked into life on Facebook…..BAD! I mean, we had time to build a blanket fort that took up half my living room for two whole days!20180219_103424

We did crazy, weird fun things like dress up poor Rascal in Karl’s pajamas.20180219_103350

We ate a lot of bread and butter20180220_154620

Sometimes we don’t realize how beautiful life is, because we have our heads stuck in a bucket, to get that last little bit of tasty alfalfa dust. 20180222_173029

It was nice that winter finally came, and we had time to enjoy taking the kids sledding on Luigi’s homemade duck tape sled.20180219_164910

I love catching moments of my kids playing together and bonding over ings like wooden chairs and the movie Cars. They are the sweetest thing in my life and I cannot, will not afford to miss out on watching them, because of social media. I do get addicted to Facebook, I admit that, and this past week has shown me what kind of impact it has on my life and my family’s life. So here’s to skipping out and living a REAL life, better.20180227_093755


Year Twenty Five

I went to check the calender yesterday to see how many weeks I had left of being twenty five. I had five days.

My whole life, I always believed that if I had to be one age forever, it would be twenty five. At twenty five I would be past that stereo typical twenty one year old, my insurance rates would be lowered, and I wouldn’t be thirty. So I decided that when I turned 25 I was going to enjoy every second of that year. It was going to be a fun, successful, memory filled year. So here are a few highlights of my exciting year…

Mouse’s cupcakes. These are my very favorite cupcakes, I have ever tasted. My dear Mr. Madrigal surprised me with a box of these delicious,  fat makers, for my birthday. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Maybe I’ll  get some again this year! I can dream right?IMG_20170203_124011

March 4th. After 18 hrs of labor, I gave birth to Karl Luis Madrigal. This 6lb 4oz perfect baby boy. IMG_20170304_153037209.jpgKeller got his first haircut this year, broke this mama’s heart to cut his baby curls off. But thankfully his hair grows back fast. Still, he wasn’t very happy about it.


Keller helped me plant a big garden, while we learned all about good microbes and where they are found. IMG_20170509_104701190

In June I attended my first Plexus Convention! It was fun. It was inspiring. It was life changing. I was challenged in so many ways to grow as a person, that will benefit the people I help.  I cannot wait to attend again this year!


Karl got to meet his Great Grandma Judy and we got to visit my grandma’s Piece Makers group. This group gets together every Tuesday to make quilts for people who have cancer. They have quite the operation going on, with everyone having a special job to do. I’ve personally seen how these quilts bless families going through a difficult time.20180130_134805.png

Karl got to meet his Great Grandma Rosemary.


In July we had another reason to indulge in some Mouse’s cupcakes…to celebrate Luigi’s sister and her husband and their 10 year wedding anniversary! 20180130_182054

Most of our family enjoyed a weekend at our family cabin on Clear Lake.


Keller enjoyed a pie baked by Great Auntie Sara 20170812_202827.jpg20170812_202831

We all enjoyed our time at our county fair. Keller was obviously there for the cotton candy.  County fairs are important for communities and children. We love supporting the Modoc County Fair.


We had fun in our fair parade. SMILE for health and happiness!20170820_113858

We took a beautiful and relaxing trip to the ocean. Karl ate a lot of sand.20171009_113959.jpg


December 1st, marked two years since I became a mom, a mom to this beautiful, smart, independent little boy. Keller John Madrigal.FB_IMG_1517352730731.jpg

December 15th the boys got a new little girl cousin. Oakley Jane Kellington20171218_110025

Christmas Day was filled with love and memories. I loved celebrating my favorite holiday with my little family. 20180130_150248.jpg In January we got another little girl cousin Wednesday Myers20180120_113521.jpg

Keller and Karl got to help feed lambs and Untie Bea’ s work


20180128_145525.jpg I loved this year. I’m so thankful for all the beautiful, memories we have made. I’m so blessed to be part of the family, and community that I am part of.  Twenty five is a beautiful age, and I would have no problem staying this age forever, but gotta move on. IMG_20170918_170312_210


Daddy Feeds Cows (and other boring adventures)

This is the day we have not been looking forward to, since Saturday morning at 1am. Daddy is going back on the road. We have spent the last two days enjoying our family time, braving the icy, snowy mountain roads, and eating to many cupcakes at cousin Oakley’s shower. We have sung together (we ALMOST know the ABC’s) and we went out to breakfast together,  and we went and held the new baby cousin, Wednesday Venellope. We Madrigals love being together. So this morning when we had to wave goodbye to daddy, and there was much wailing going on, I explained that daddy is going to take all that hay to feed the cows. That made the tears go away. Because who doesn’t love cows? And who doesn’t love daddy? Nobody in this family that’s for certain.  And daddy feeding cows is the best thing a two year old could want. Believe, me, I know I’ve been told at least 50 times today, that daddy’s feeding cows.

Now would probably be a great time (after mentioning that I had to many cupcakes this weekend) that I have decided to do a HALF Tough Mudder race in October.  By the looks of things, (well more by the feel of things) that will hopefully be enough time to train. Guys, honestly I am weak. No, really I am! My upper body strength…doesnt exist. So this race seems very challenging to me, and when I made the decision to do it, my palms got sweaty. It was weird. The positive side, is that I’m super excited, and I’m having a ton of fun practicing on becoming a physically strong woman. 20180122_154213

Gut Health. You knew this subject would eventually find it’s way into my blog right? This morning I was dealing with a very sad little boy, which made a frustrated mommy, and an upset little brother. Since I believe that diet has almost everything to do with our bodies, I decided that after naps both boys were going to eat yogurt, with chia seeds and sweetened with raw honey. Something that has probiotics, antioxidants, and omega 3s, fatty essential acids. This is a snack that feeds the gut and the brain at the same time. Our boys brains need essential fatty acids. It helps their emotions immensely.  I always can tell when Keller has had more carbs, than healthy fats, he will be sad and grumpy and confused. Once he has eaten something fatty, he is a smart, happy little boy. Guts and brains, Guts and brains. What we people eat had so much to do with our behaviors. Bon appetite! 20180122_145945.jpg

Also this weekend, I was happy to discover that after 16 days of treating Karl’s eczema it is pretty much all cleared up. I have worked hard on giving him a cleaner diet (he misses his graham crackers) and been consistently putting Plexus Body Cream (aka black cream) on the rash.  BEFORE20180104_203133

AFTER  (happy mom!)20180120_154043

Now time to rest, I have a big chore list for tomorrow, and I’m planning on getting everything checked off. Until next time friends! (Hopefully we won’t be so boring)

-Mrs Madrigal

A Special Kind of Boring Day

0530 Simply put, a horrible time to wake up. Karl has finally decided it’s time to sleep peacefully, the house has finally warmed up perfectly,  and my body has finally found the most amazing comfortable position. BUT I must get up and stumble around, trying not to wake the sleeping children, and get ready for a fabulous day at the cafe.

0645 Almost to work, and I get a call that our niece is trying to make an appearance earth side! Yes, I will pick up Khai for preschool at noon, both of our nephews will stay with us until their parents come home with a baby!

0800 – 1100 Work is slow and other than serving a few regulars (love when I serve people, I call friends) and writing an agenda for a work meeting,  it’s very uneventful.

1200 Umm how is it already noon? It’s lunch time, and I have to run and pick up the kids from school!  I agreed to pick up another friend’s kid while picking up my nephew. Thankfully I live in the best small town ever, and everything is just a few minutes away.  I got back to work in no time and this time I have a little helper in tow.

1500 I just got news that our niece has arrived! Little Wednesday Vanellope Myers. 6lbs 7oz. Her brothers are anxiously waiting to see her, and we are all excited to meet her.

1600 Time to close! Clean up. Get the books reconciled. And go home! Oh the car needs gas and I have nothing planned for dinner, and I have extra kids tonight! Once again I’m thankful for the best small town ever, within minutes I have a full tank of gas, dinner, and share the news of the new family member with friends.

1900 Three boys in the tub, (I’m drenched) and hubby calls saying he probably won’t be home until Friday. I am sad. His first run on the truck has turned out to be quite eventful. His first couple of hours on the road and the back hay trailer hit the soft shoulder and flipped over. It then hit a power pole and caught on fire. Luigi wasn’t legal to drive yet, so he was not driving. He and his boss were both ok but of course, shook up. Things can get dangerous, fast while hauling hay, and I’m so Thankful that it was not worse. Now he got his drug test done, and all the necessary paperwork, so he can drive, and has been on the coast hauling hay for the dairy that they make hay for.

1930 Karl is walking across the living room! He has been taking steps from one person to another, with lots of coaxing, but just now I looked up and he’s walking on his own! My baby is growing up so fast, every mile stone is so bitter sweet. Nothing could have prepared me for the pains I get in my heart regarding my children, and yet I would never trade it for the world. Right now I am listening to my boys, playing and giggling with their cousins, and it makes my heart so happy. Who could want anything more than this?

2030 Every kid is in bed, the goat is in his house, and there’s a fire in the stove. Every absent parent has been called, and told good night and told “I love you”. Keller added in after saying “night night” ten times, that we need orange juice for breakfast. He always hears Luigi call on his way home and ask if I need anything from the store.  He doesn’t realize daddy isn’t on his way home. Time for me to jump in bed and read. I love this crazy boring life.


Until next time.

-Mrs. Madrigal

Splish Splash Is It Really a Bath?

It’s Saturday night bath time and I am sitting on the toilet seat wondering why I even bother with floor towels. Our bath times are always filled with lots of splashing, and I mean A LOT. If you showed up at my house right now, you would probably ask me why I never mentioned our pet whale. Well that’s because honestly, we don’t have one, but I know, I’m still trying to convince myself. You see Keller and Karl are in competition to see who can get the most little plastic boats filled with water and dumped onto the bathroom floor. I’m sorry no, we do not have a whale.

Bath time is also a time to drink as much nasty bath water as they possibly can. Sucking water out of a wash cloth they just used to scrub their body, must be delicious, either that or I really am a bad mom and I don’t give them enough water during the day. They are REALLY thirsty guys!

During bath time you will hear these phrases over and over: Sit down. Don’t pour water on his head. Sit down. Keep the water inside the tub. Stop Keller! Sit down. Settle down. Sit down. You got me all wet! Sit down. Mom, I caught a fish! Karl, sit down!

One thing you won’t hear, but I am pretty sure they are thinking it because actions speak louder than words… “Mom, we thought we heard you say you like baths too”.

Ok gotta go get my mop! I need to get these guys to bed so I can have my bath time with my Epsom salts and glass of wine. Happy Saturday night!

Madrigal Adventures

Hi! I am Bonnie. Wife. Mom. Queen of the Madrigal Casa. My life is amazing, adventurous, happy and sometimes down right boring. But whatever the case I want to share my life with you, my readers. We have sunrises and we have sunsets, and they both have much meaning to our life.

I have been married to the handsome, Mr. Madrigal for thee and half years. He is the hardworking, backbone of all our endeavors. He’s up early in the morning, works hard all day, making hay, and sleeps hard all night. He is earnest about his job, his family, and his faith in God. I couldn’t be more blessed to have him by my side.

Keller and Karl are the light of our life. They are strong, smart, and healthy and we can not imagine our lives without them. They give us kisses, and hugs, and snot, and are constantly teaching us patience. Children really are a blessing from the Lord, there’s no other way these little boys could make such an impact on our life.

So welcome to a glimpse into our lives. Welcome to spending 2018 with The Madrigals.

Mrs. Madrigal

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset